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    The Decision Point Learning Center provides a quick way to become
familiar with some of the basics of technical analysis so you can begin
using this valuable technique in your own investment decision making.
    Overview and Key Concepts  

Introduction: Anyone Can Understand Technical Analysis

The Essential Analysis Steps: Trend, Condition, Compatible Action

Signal Definitions 

Bull/Bear Market Rules Apply 

Using the PMO (Price Momentum Oscillator) 

From Fundamentals to the Reality Disconnect

An Overview of Stock Market Cycles


    Basic Chart Patterns  

Rising Trend

Declining Trend

Support and Resistance

Symmetrical Triangle

Right-Angle Triangle


Rounded Top

Double Top

Head and Shoulders

Reverse Head and Shoulders

Long Base

Accelerated Growth Phase

    Market Indicators  

1% EMA of Advance-Declines

Advance-Decline Line

Advance-Decline Volume

Arms Index (TRIN)

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA)

ITBM (Intermediate-Term Breadth Momentum) Oscillator

ITVM (Intermediate-Term Volume Momentum) Oscillator

McClellan Oscillator

McClellan Summation Index

Moving Averages

New Highs & New Lows

OBV Indicator Set (CVI/STVO/VTO)

Participation Index (PI)

PMO (Price Momentum Oscillator)

Price Momentum Model

Put/Call Ratio

Rydex Ratio

STO (Swenlin Trading Oscillator)

Stocks Above Their 20-, 50-, and 200-DMA

Trend Model

Trend Model (LONG-TERM)

Thrust/Trend Timing Model

Unweighted Indexes

Volatility Index (VIX)

    Miscellaneous Articles  

Trading Mistakes

Positive Divergence

Negative Divergence

Technical Analysis Vs. News

Overbought but No Decline

Breadth Climax

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